Our Shrine

November, 1977:

– Establishment of Our Lady of Lebanon Auxiliary


To establish a project of constructing a shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon duplicating that in Harissa, Lebanon.

To keep alive the Lebanese tradition of devotion to Mother Mary.

1978 – 1980:

Collection of donations for the project from the Leamington Lebanese Community (as the main supporter), Venezuelan, Lebanese Community, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Windsor and surrounding communities.

May, 1981:

Ground Breaking Ceremony ( beginning of the construction of the Shrine.

May, 1983:

Arrival and positioning of the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon (accompanied by Italian Sculpture, Rino Grazzi)

Description of the statue: White Carrara marble; 145 feet high weighing 12 tons sitting on a conical base of concrete 42 feet in height and totaling just under 60 feet with a spiraling staircase to allow accessibility.

May 22, 1983:

Celebration to commemorate the Unveiling of the Statue and blessing by His Excellency the Bishop of Saint Maron Diocese of Canada, Bishop Elias Shaheen.


Keeping alive the tradition of devotion to our Mother Mary with Annual Liturgical Celebration of Prayer and Feasting.

Committed work of committed members of Our Lady of Lebanon Auxiliary of the Leamington Lebanese Club, Ontario, Canada.

June, 1999:

Building of the Stations of the Cross outside of the Shrine, motivated by the love they have for the Prayers related to these Stations.

August, 1999:

Blessing of the Stations of the Cross by His Excellency Mgr. Joseph Khoury during the Assumption Festival.

President and Officers of Our Lady of Lebanon Auxiliary

Serving from: December, 1993 – January 6th, 2000:

Mrs. Emal Sleiman: President

Mrs. Therese Raheb: Vice President

Mrs. Rosette Jraige: Treasurer

Mrs. Marie Obeid: Prayer Leader

Mrs. Bernadette Jraige: Secretary

Bishop Committee:

Mrs. Rita Tannous

Mrs. Micheline Nouhra

Mrs. Julia Raffoul

January 7th, 2000:

The Election held on this day resulted in favor of :

Mrs. Souad Jacobs: President

Mrs. Adele Thomas: Vice President

Mrs. Batty Saad: Treasurer

Mrs. Khazzoun Yacoub: Prayers Leader

Mrs. Najibe Mikhail: Secretary

Bishop Committee:

Mrs. Sharife Jabbour (also Vice President of Prayers Leader)

Mrs. Anne Semaan

Mrs. Martha Eid

For administration information, you can call:

Mrs. Souad Jacobs (President) @ (519) 326-8291

Mailing Address: 16 Sherwood Ave., Leamington, On.,

N8H 4T8

Mrs. Najibe Mikhail (Secretary) @ (519) 326-4938

Mailing Address: 29 Cambridge Cres., Leamington, On.,

N8H 4R7