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Sunday of the Wedding at Cana The Opening of the Great Lent Season
February 3rd, 2008

Gospel: John 2:1 – 12 
Readings: Romans 14: 14 – 23

This Sunday we are before the most holy of sacraments. The Holy Spirit came upon the water and it was transformed into wine, just like during the Mass: wine into Blood, bread into the Body of Christ.

We are invited to be transformed and be born anew in order to become the children of the kingdom which isn’t food and drink but righteousness, peace and rejoicing in the Holy Spirit.

The kingdom of God is being far away from division, it is being able to settle our matters nicely, be brothers in Jesus Christ, and be one body in Christ. We should not harm or judge one another. Just as Christ’s word blessed the water transforming it into wine, here at the Last Supper, the grace of Jesus blessed love and marriage. Christ is the guarantee for our resurrection at the end of times.

The Baptism transformed us to a new creation born of water and Spirit. Jesus’ sign today is a gradual inspiration which works in our lives through fasting, desisting and praying. Fasting is the wedding of the faithful and desisting is his festive table.  


Last week’s Collection: $ 2,450.52

Fund Raising Goal: $ 250.000.00
The second payment of the Loan ($ 16,800) was sent to Catholic Missions in Canada.

$ 3,290.83: Total Received (After loan payment)
For the next phase of our plan.

Please Remember St. Anthony's Church In Your Will.

 Leamington Ministerial Association invites all the Christians to pray for each other.

This week we pray for
Living Word Lutheran Church

Masses & Celebrations during the week:

Sunday. February 3rd, 2008
Sunday of the Wedding at Cana
Opening of the Great Lent Season

أحد عرس قانا الجليل، مدخل الصوم الكبير

  9:30AM: Youssef Nohra & Wife Shamma (Sarkis Nohra & Family)

11:00AM: Louie Thomas (Paul & Adele Thomas)


Monday, February 4th, 2008
Ash Monday اثنين الرماد

  9:00AM: Theresa Nehmetallah (Mrs. Betty Najem)

10:00AM: Rosary Prayers (4 Mysteries)

  5:30PM: Passion Rosary & Sacred Heart Prayers.

  6:00PM: Boula Gebrael (Charbel Youssef & Family)


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


5:30PM: Passion Rosary & Sacred Heart Prayers.

6:00PM: John Azar (Mrs. Theresa Boutros)


Wednesday, February 6, 2008  


5:00PM: Devotion Prayers to Mother Mary.
Passion Rosary & Sacred Heart Prayers.

6:00PM: Antoune Khabbaz & Wife Sirriye & Granddaughter Rosette (Elias Jraige & Family)



Thursday, February 7, 2008
Blessed Sacrament Adoration Day.


  9:00AM: Rosary Prayers (4 Mysteries)

10:15AM: Devotion Prayers to St. Charbel.

10:45AM: Devotion Prayers to the Sacred Heart.

11:00AM: Blessed Sacrament Adoration Hour.

12:00PM: Blessing & Conclusion of the Day.


  5:30PM: Passion Rosary & Sacred Heart Prayers

  6:00PM: Cathy Jacobs (Bassam Jbeili)


Friday, February 8, 2008

3:00PM: Divine Mercy Chaplet.

5:30PM: Passion Rosary & Sacred Heart Prayers.

6:00PM: Antonios & Frangie Jraige (Sarkis Kantarjian & Family)

6:30PM: Stations of the Cross.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday of the Man with Leprosy

أحد الأبرص

  9:30AM: Yvette Zakaria (6 Mths. Mem. Mass) (Family)

11:00AM: Susanne Andary (40 Days Mem. Mass) (Family)

  1:30PM: Baptism: Julianna Raffoul

Community News & Events During This Week

Ash Monday: Tomorrow Monday, February 4th, we celebrate Ash Monday, which marks the opening of the Great Lent Season. The Mass will be celebrated at 9:00AM & 6:00PM. All are welcome.


Stations of the Cross: During the Lent Season, we pray the Stations of the Cross every Friday evening at 6:30PM. All are welcome to attend and remember the passion of Christ our salvation.


Youth Group Events & Activities:

-          Movie Night: for all children. Sign up your names on the sheet at the Church entrance. Date will be announced later.

-          Youth Group Meeting: Every Wednesday at 7:30PM.

-          Sunday February 10th, 2008: Bake Sale following both Masses. Proceeds go to the Youth Group Fund.


First Communion: The First Communion Preparation Courses will take place every Thursday, from 4:30 to 6:00PM.

Our deepest sympathies to the Mouawad Family for the loss of Wahibe Chayban Mouawad who passed away in Lebanon at the age of 74. The Memorial Mass was held for the rest of her soul on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at St. Anthony’s Parish. May God rest her soul in peace and grant consolation for her family and relatives.


Also our heartfelt sympathies to the Eid Family for the loss of John Eid who passed away on Monday, January 28th, 2008 at the age of 77. The Funeral Mass was held for the rest of his soul on Thursday, January 31st, 2008 at St. Anthony’s Parish. May God rest his soul in peace and grant consolation for his family and relatives.


Bingo:  Monday, February 4th, 2008 @ 1:00 & 7:00PM.


Cardinal Carter French Immersion Program: Would your child like to continue learning French through High School? Cardinal Carter offers a French Immersion Program at the School. This program allows students to take at least 10 subjects in the French language while still being close to home. For more information call Jeremy Schiller at (519) 322-2804.


Congratulations to Daniel & Marianna Saad who received the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation on Sunday, January 27th, 2008 at St. Anthony’s Parish. May God bless them both with their family.

Knights of Columbus News;

-          Feb. 5th, 2008: Executive Meeting, Church Hall 7:00PM.

-          Feb. 10th, 2008: Degree 1st & 2nd, (new rescheduled date) at Amherstburg Hall.

-          Feb. 19th, 2008: General Meeting, Church Hall at 7:00PM.

-          Feb. 20th, 2008: Euchre Harrow Council. Dinner at 7PM, Competition begins at 8PM. We need a minimum of 8 players from St. Anthony’s K of C Council.


Marriage Preparation Courses: All couples planning on getting married in our Church in the upcoming year are asked to attend a Marriage Preparation Course. St. Michael’s Parish will be offering the course on April 10, 11 & 12, 2008: Thursday, 7 – 9PM, Friday, 7 – 9PM, Saturday, 1 – 4 PM ending with a Mass at 5PM. To register you can pick up the registration form at Anthony’s secretary office, and after you fill in the registration from and detach it and either mail, fax or hand deliver to St. Michael’s Parish, 29 Elliott St., Leamington, ON   N8H 3M4. Fax number: (519) 326-2644. Fee: $75.00 per couple.


Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

Kindergarten Registration


Monday, February 11th, to Friday, February 22nd, 2008. For your added convenience, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board invites you to attend an Open House/Evening Registration at your local Catholic School. Tuesday, February 12th from 5:00 PM to 7:00PM, Requirements: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Health Card and Immunization Record. Junior Kindergarten: Children must be 4 years of age by December 31st, 2008. Senior Kindergarten: Children must be 5 years of age by December 31st, 2008.

St. Maron, February 9th

Saint Maron, born in the middle of the 4th century was a priest who later became a hermit, retiring to a mountain of Tarsus near Antioch.

It is believed that he spent all of his life on a mountain in the region of Cyrrhus, in a place called Kfarnabo on the mountain of Olyambos. The holiness of this saint and his miracles attracted many followers, and drew attention throughout the empire.

St. Maron is considered the Father of the spiritual and monastic movement now called the Maronite Church which had a profound influence on Lebanon. His followers, both monks and laity, always remained faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

St. Maron embraced the quiet solitude of the mountain life. He was a mystic who started this new ascetic-spiritual method that attracted many people to become his disciples.

Accompanying his deeply spiritual and ascetic life, he was a zealous missionary with a passion to spread the message of Christ by preaching it to all he met.

After his death in the year 410 A.D. his spirit and teachings lived on through his disciples. According to a Maronite Tradition, the followers of St. Maron carried the relics of the Saint, especially the skull, to St. Maron’s Monastery or “Beit Maron” built in 452 A. D. between Hama and Aleppo in Syria. The skull was carried to St. Maron’s Monastery in Kfarhai, Batroun, Lebanon around the turn of the century.

Later, St. Maron’s relics were taken to Italy. In 1130 A.D. one of the Benedictine monks came to the region. This monk was the rector of the Cross Monastery near Foligno, Italy. During his visit he heard about St. Maron’s skull, and upon returning home, he publicized St. Maron’s virtues, and a Church was built after St. Maron’s name in Foligno.

The faithful of the city made a statue of silver for St. Maron and put the skull in it. In 1887, Bishop Youssef El Debs was given some relics of St. Maron’s skull by the Bishop of Foligno.