March 24 2019, Weekly Bulletin – Fourth Sunday of Lent The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Fourth Sunday of Lent The Parable of the Prodigal Son

الأحد الرابع، مثل الإبن الشاطر

Reading: 2 CO 13:5-13   Gospel: St Lk 15:11-32


The church wants us to live the morality of this parable through our daily life.

The errant son left his father’s house to obtain his freedom somewhere else.

The oldest stayed with his father for the heritage. While the errant son had wasted his father’s money, his father maintained unbroken love for him.

The son’s deep humiliation at finding himself obliged to feed on the husks of pigs and his lection on all he had lost, led to his repentance and decision to declare himself guilty before his father.

The father did not need to speak words of forgiveness to his son; his actions spoke more loudly and clearly!

The beautiful robe, the ring, and the festive banquet symbolize the new life, pure, worthy, and joyful of anyone who returns to God.

We also see the merciful love of the father with the eldest son somewhat harsh reaction to his errant brother and to the lavish party his joyful father throws for his repentant son.

And his resentment leads to his isolation and estrangement from the community of forgiven sinners. In this parable Jesus gives a vivid picture of God and what God is like.

God is truly kinder than us. He does not lose hope or give up when we stray. He rejoices in finding the lost and in leading them home.