March 17 2019, Weekly Bulletin – Third Sunday of Lent The Hemorrhaging Woman

Third Sunday of Lent The Hemorrhaging Woman

الأحد الثالث من الصوم الكبير: أحد شفاء النازفة

Reading: 2 CO 7:4-11   Gospel: St Lc 8:40-56


It is painful to fight a disease of constant blood loss for 12 years. Blood is the primordial source of human life, without it the heart stops beating and death reigns over the body. This hemorrhage often attacks our daily life.

It means the loss of the sacred time of life. The loss of the time of peace and of joy and especially of love with God.

In other words, it is the progressive loss of life that leads to death. How often do we fight against one or more issues that affect our personal lives?

We suffer a lot and we try several times to find the outcome in psychologists, doctors and sometimes astrologers, soothsayers and seers.

“She touched the fringe of his coat.” This woman has heard of Jesus! The miraculous doctor!

She decided to approach Him and, with certain faith, touched the fringe of his cloak.

For the Jewish mentality, it is impurity that has affected holiness. And thankfully, divine love and mercy came directly to her sudden healing.

Jesus is the only one who purifies our hearts and miraculously closes the vanishing points of the blood of our life. The touch of the Lord gives us all grace.