Weekly Bulletin – Second Sunday of Great Lent: Healing of the Leper

Second Sunday of Great Lent: Healing of the Leper

الأحد الثاني، شفاء الأبرص
Readings: Romans 6:12-23
Gospel: Mark 1:35-45


Do not be afraid of your spiritual ugliness and rationale. Come near me, my heart is merciful. Have the courage to live a radical conversion, do not hesitate to confess and trust me so your sins,
even the greatest ones, will be completely forgiven.

My mercy is greater than your vulnerability as ugly as it is, it will eternally grant you the original beauty of the image of God. Do not be afraid of the ugliness of others.

Approach them and discover their original beauty. Contemplate in them the beauty of my love for them. Help them to get back on their feet, so you will meet me, and it is in me that you will fully live this moment of grace, in the heart of my merciful heart. So you will also give them, in my name, a new birth from the merciful belly of my Father.

This sanctifying operation restores to my disfigured sheep their original Christic beauty received by the grace of their baptism.

Jesus, our merciful God, come, touch my vulnerable heart and heal it so that I may witness your abundant love. Do not forget, Lord, the sinners of the whole world, heal their hearts so