Weekly Bulletin Sunday, February 3, 2019

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany of the Lord
الاحد الرابع بعد الدنح
أحد الدنح

This Weeks Masses

Sunday, February 3rd , 2019 Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany الأحد الرابع بعد الدنح

10:00 AM – Mass for the Intention of Danny Abdul Massih (8 Year Memorial Mass (Family) رتبة تبريك الشموع – Prayer blessing candles

Monday, February 4th , 2019

4:30 PM – Rosary Prayers

5:00 PM – Mass for Boutros Yacoub Boutros & wife Annie & Son In Law Joe Nasser (Family) Saint Maron’s Novena/تساعية

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 

4:30 PM – Rosary Prayers

5:00 AM – Mass for Boula and Adele Laba (Family) Saint Maron’s Novena/ت

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

4:00 PM –Prayers of Our Lady’s Confraternity

5:00 PM – Mass for Boula Sleiman (Sarkis Kantarjgian) Saint Maron’s Novena/ نورام رام ةيعاست

Thursday, February 7th ,2019

4:00 PM – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

5:00 PM – Mass for Millie Youssef & JeJou Shaba & Shaba JeJou (Samira Polath) Saint Maron’s Novena/ تساعية مار مارون

Friday, February 8th, 2019 

4:30 PM – Rosary Prayers

5:00 PM – Mass for Manuel and Maria Oliveira (Family) Saint Maron’s Novena/ تساعية مار مارون

Saturday, February 9th , 2019 Feast of Saint Maron- عيد القديس مارون

12:00 Noon – Wedding of Natia Massad & Andrew Barry

5:00 PM – Mass for Khalil Raffoul & Wife & Son Elias (Family)

Sunday, February 10th , 2019 Commemoration of the Priest – احد الكهنة

10:00 AM – Mass for the Intention of Annie Boutros Najem (1 year Memorial Mass) & Boutros & Badiha Najem & deceased family Members (Family)



Saint Anthony’s Parish 34th Anniversary 1985 – 2019


The Attachment To Traditions

In all their national and religious history, the Maronites sacrificed themselves for two great causes. First, the attachment to their Catholic faith and their religious traditions, symbolized by their unconditional fidelity to the Pope in Rome.

Their Roman Catholicity has never suffered the shadow of a conflict or any rupture with Rome. In this sense, the Maronites are the only Eastern church that has no parallel non-Catholic (Orthodox) branch.

This attachment to Rome, at the See of Peter, preserved the authenticity of their faith, fostered their openness to the Christian West, its culture and its prospects for a changing society. This profound and beneficial connection has not gone without provoking for the non-Catholics or non-Christians, attitudes of mistrust towards the Maronites.

Another passion which animated the Maronites was their love for Lebanon, a sacred love for their land which they consider their homeland and which constitutes the “natiomaronitarum”.

The Maronites have fought side by side with other Lebanese communities to repress enemies and invaders and have struggled particularly in recent years to preserve Lebanon as a culture open to all religious and human values.

It should be stressed in this regard that the Maronites extend beyond the borders of Lebanon, that they often constitute dynamic and living communities endowed with spiritual and cultural values appreciated throughout the

Gospel: John 4:5-7, 9-26 Epistle: Romans 7:1-6.

When Jesus passed through Samaria, he did the unthinkable. He conversed with a Samaritan. He greeted a woman and spoke openly with her. Not only was she a woman, but a notorious adulteress. Jesus showed the universality of the gospel.

No one is barred from the love of God and the good news of salvation. The only thing that could keep us from God and his redeeming love is our stubborn pride and willful rebellion. Water is a source of life and growth for all living things.

Living water was also a symbol for the Jew of thirst of the soul for God.

The water which Jesus spoke of symbolized the Holy Spirit and his work of recreating us in God’s image and sustaining in us the new life which comes from God. The life which the Holy Spirit produces in us makes us a new creation in Jesus Christ.

كشف يسوع عن ذاته للمرأة بأنّه المسيح، قال: “أنا هو”، وهبِذا ساوى نفسه بالله. في حديثه مع السامريّة تَعالى يسوع عن المنافسات والكراهية بين اليهود والسامريّين، ولقاؤه هبِا كان برهاناً ساطعاً على شمولية الخلاص الذي حمله إلى العالم. من العبادة القديمة المرتبطة هبِيكل أورشليم لليهود وهيكل جرّيزيم للسامريّين، انتقل يسوع لإعلان بناء هيكل روحيّ. فالعبادة المسيحيّة الحقّة هي الإنضواء تحت راية المسيح والطاعة له، هي العبادة بالحقّ والرو

Announcements and Parish News

2018 Income Tax receipts are in the mail.
If you have not received by end of the week, please contact church offic

Celebration Saint Maron Feast
The Feast of Saint Maron will be celebrated Saturday February 9th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Mass. Please join us after Mass for coffee and sweets in church basement.

We are looking for a Secretary at the Church for a temporary part time position. Office Hours:Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM

If you are interested, please submit your resume at the Church Office.

Banns – المناداة الثالثة
3rd Banns between Andrew Nesbitt Barry and Natia Massad. Wedding date: February 9th, 2019.

Please remember to call Church Office to register your Child for First Holy Communion. The First Communion is scheduled for May 12th, 2019. Coarse to start this week.

Important Announcement
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